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Designed and tested for dusty conditions, the CP700 Pressurizer creates a POSITIVE pressure inside your campervan whilst driving to keep dust out.

The Carafan Sahara CP700
Campervan Pressurizer unit keeps your RV… DUST FREE!

A history of quality components used to ensure the best service life...
15 years in dust solutions for large mining companies
5 years success with Carafan product
Newly launched in Canada and USA

CP700 Technical Data Sheet

If you intend to travel on unsealed roads or dirt tracks talk to
a Carafan installer about the benefits of a Sahara pressurizer
using filtered air. You will arrive at your destination with a
dust-free RV.

Capacity: Pressurizes RVs and campervans up to 27-foot.

Filtration Level: Refined Filtration using Panel Filter Amp Draw: 6 amps at 12 volts.

Mounting: Unit can be direct mounted (new hole cut) or mounted into existing vent.

Operation: Unit should be be wired to be in operation while driving.

External Dimensions: 675mm x 525mm external. Maximum height of 110mm

Internal Dimensions: 355mm x 355mm

External Colour: White

Material: Lightweight and Durable Aluminum (powder coated)

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