Dust Free RV Canada

With RV travel  booming. travellers are exploring more of our country, going deeper, more remote, and off road to experience every incredible corner of Canada. However, that Dirt & Dust does not stay in the Wilderness. Instead, it will make its way into every part of your RV & Travel Trailer. It’s intrusive, pervasive and almost impossible to get rid of once it invades.

Does it have to enter in the first place? Many caravan manufacturers include dust suppression systems, because it’s a necessity for people in a mobile home! If you don’t have one, chances are you want one. What’s best for keeping dust out?

Over time we tried everything to keep dust and dirt out. From experience, we can share some insight. For a time, we blocked up every vent, and yet red dirt would still appear. We then tried forced air systems and were frustrated that they only worked at highway speeds. Finally, we used the Carafan and were astonished, dust free at last!

Attempting to seal up every part of your van is hard work and not always possible, especially as new vans get larger. Finding every nook and cranny of a caravan is a game of hide and seek, that’s hard to win.

The systems that rely on driving quickly to force air into the caravan, seem be a system for bitumen only. The speed required to keep these systems working, may be more than driving conditions allow, especially in off road situations where you encounter dust and dirt. Many dirt roads can require driving at less than 80km/ph, allowing dust in. 

If you are looking at a dust suppression system designed specifically for RV & Travel Trailers that works all the time, the answer is, the Carafan. Designed in Australia for the dustiest roads and harshest conditions, Carafan’s are a purpose-built system for creating positive without having to seal your caravan. 

The Carafan is a powered air filtration system that, when switched on, engages the fan which blows filtered air into your caravan. Switch it on and it’s the end of dust. 

Carafans will:

  • Keep dust out, without blocking vents,
  • Help keep cleaning to a minimum,
  • Reduce dust allergies,
  • Safeguard your equipment and electronics,
  • Protect your caravan
  • Give peace of mind that your investment, and home is dust free.


Go to or email: Phone: (780) 289 4989 and be dust free.