A Dust Free RV / Travel Trailer

Ganter CleanAir Solutions are the Canadian and USA distributors of the Carafan Sahara CP700.

Whilst visiting Australia in 2021 we were looking for a solution for keeping dust out of our mechanics truck whilst travelling in the Yukon, Canada and came across the Carafan Saraha CP700.  We were so excited at finding a solution to our Dust problem.  We did some research and found that there was nothing like this in Canada so we ordered one straight away. 

Jonathan has lived and worked as a Heavy Duty Mechanic in the Yukon mining areas for over 40 years and understands the problems with dust. We knew that if we had a travelling dust problem, then many of our fellow travelers would also and asked the team at Lyons Airconditioning if we could become the distributors in Canada and the USA.

Together, using Jonathan’s mechanical experience with the technology and Diane’s 30 years’ experience in Finance and Business Development they have formed the perfect team to distribute the Carafan Sahara CP700 across Canada and the USA.

Designed and made in Australia specifically to keep Dust out when travelling across the vast areas of the country. This anti-dust pressurization system has been tested and proven under the harsh conditions in Australian Outback mining industry and Caravanning population since 2018.

It is easily installed into the existing 14” x 14”skylight vent on the roof of your RV or Travel Trailer so no need to cut new holes in your beautiful home away from home.  The Carafan Sahara was designed in caravans, for caravans, with a low profile structure ensures it would not be knocked off whilst travelling in rugged terrain, and yet designed with strong aluminum to ensure that no damage could occur to the unit. 

The Carafan Sahara allows you to arrive in your destination without the need to clean the dust from the inside of your RV, save on cleaning products, reduce allergies bought on by dust, protect equipment from dust and allows you to arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your stay.

The manufacturers of the Carafan Sahara have a long and successful history in airconditioning dating back to 1985. Starting out as a small family business, Lyons Airconditioning established itself quickly as the leading auto-electrical company dedicated to air-conditioning particularly for the mining industry. 

It was in supporting the mining industry where Lyons Airconditioning started to understand the issues dust caused in performance of air-conditioning and how a solution was needed to reduce the amount of dust that was entering the cabin. Dust in mining is a major issue and a way to overcome this was to use pressurization to reduce the amount of dust encountered in these large machine cabins.  Being involved heavily with major earthmoving companies, Lyons installed positive pressure systems to the airconditioning systems with the simple premise, if the cabin had a higher pressure then the outside this would stop dust ingress from occurring. Lyons Airconditioning have since become one of Australia’s leading industry experts in cabin filtration and pressurization for the mining industry.

Then in 2018, one of these mining companies came to Lyons Airconditioning to create a solution for their remote caravan in which these remote geologists complained of the amount of dust entering their caravan whilst working in the red dusty area of the Pilbara in Western Australia. Due to the remote nature of the work being carried out, a standard pressurizer could not be fitted due to the possibility of it being knocked off in this rugged bushland. So the Lyons Airconditioning engineering team worked on a low profile, light weight unit which could pressurize this 24 ft caravan. And this is how the Carafan Sahara was created.

The Carafan Sahara has now become a staple addition to a large majority of the Australian caravan manufacturing industry with a large percentage of the major caravan builders now having the Carafan Sahara as an option. 

Visit our Website at and checkout the multitude of reviews, videos, blogs, forums showing how well the Carafan Sahara works. 

Visit us at the Edmonton RV Expo in February or the Toronto RV Expo in March for a demonstration of the Carafan Sahara CP700